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Nástěnka -> TM² STADIUM -> JOIN US -> the beast0n *drunk*

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Sleeping Angel

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# Vlákno - 11-04-2015 - 2:38 AM

Who invited you to join the team, or where did you hear about our team?

Sona (aka amelie)

Give your TM² login + nick :


Name (first ) year of birth, city, country...... (you should have filled in the profile here on the site) :

Guillaume 04/09/90 Paris France anything else ?

What are your skills in English language? / 1= native speaker / 2= great skill, it's my second language..../ 3= good skill, I understand English and I can comunicate / 4= bad skill but i can comunicate / 5= i don't understand english.

me no understande englishe . me live in London but no good englishe (2)

How would you rate your activity on the forum? / mark 1-5 ..... / 1 = very bad, don't visit forum, poorly comunication from my side / 2= bad activity, haven't time often visit and read forum / 3= normal activity / 4= great activity, i love read forum and comunicate / / 5 = high activity, my second name on the forum will be "a spammer" )


Confirm reading "Team Ten Commandments" and agree with Ten

I agree

How long do you play TM?

10years :O

Your disposition for playing - when do you play most often, your disposition for matches ...

tuesdays/wednesdays and at your time i would be available between midnight and 2pm ( but I can arrange my days offs )
Give us your previous experience in competitions .... you are familiar with the classic competition mods? Team mod, mod cup etc. ...

I played so many comps alone in which I won some of them and in team which I finished usualy 3rd.

Your clan history: clan name, from - to, reasons for leaving the clan. Please write all the clans, where you played, even for a short time

#RC# / inactive it's the only one I played for

Your other skills in TM? List of us with them - building tracks, creating skins, videos, etc ...

there would be too many to list but yes I can do "montages" of videos

Give us an IM contact details (icq, skype) or address to your FB profile

Sona got it ^^

Shortly you express what you expect from membership on the team. Why do you want to be part of the team? What you can offer to our team ?

I can offer podium chances to the team and improvement in french

What is your motivation for entering the team and take the basic obligations associated with membership in the team?

to drive again it's been too long and I missed it.

This is not mandatory, but if you want so you can write something about yourself .... your hobbies, about your work, family, school, etc etc ...

I work In london in a casino where I take millions every single day but I don;t get anything extra from that I love cats if anybody does in the team and of course drinking


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# Odpověď: 1 - 11-04-2015 - 5:16 PM
Hello my old tm friend

Welcome in ADA team !!!
I am very happy that you have accepted my offer !!!

Now you have access to internal team forum.

There in section "Team administration" where you can find clantag, avatar, servers passwords, IP address to team speak etc etc...

Test period was canceled for you, from today you have full membership.
I know you long time so it is useless.

All other necessary information can you found in the internal forum.
If you have any questions ask here.....

good luck and

P.S. when you are drunk, you are really bad driver and I hope that sometimes you stay sober and show us your great skills


If i'm faster than u, u're a noob.
If u're faster than me, u have no life.
If everyone is faster than me, i have lag. - Gamer logic



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Welcome Baston :-)



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# Odpověď: 5 - 12-04-2015 - 8:20 PM
Welcome to the best team

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